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Thursday, July 14, 2011

What IS DBS?

After both my brother and my sister showed surprise at the fact that I would be fitted with a monitor, or 'pacemaker', I began to wonder if everybody really knows what DBS is!

Basically, in my own words, I will have 2 holes drilled in my head, and 2 probes, inserted, which will cross over to one side, with wires attached which will be joined to the monitor. This monitor sends out signals to the probes, which will stimulate my brain, tricking it into thinking that the dopamine that has been lost, is there.
The operation, therefore, will be done in 2 parts. I am awake for the 1st part where they drill into my head and insert the probes, but asleep for part 2 when the stimulater is inserted, and the wires hooked up.

These 2 examples take under 30 seconds each to watch;

The battery in the stimulator usually needs to be replaced every 3 years or so, but I am opting for a new rechargeable model, which needs to be replaced every 7 years or so. (Replacing batteries requires surgery.) Yes, I'll need to sit still for an hour every 2 weeks, and recharge.
And yes, I'll have to opt for manual checks at airports...

NB. DSB is NOT a cure; it is rather a mask. The disease progresses as it would, prompting adjustments, and if switched off, the person reverts to their present state as they would be without it.


  1. Very good explaination....Does that mean you're Terminator V

  2. great, clear, informative, funny, supportive, we are with you on this brave journey Karyn