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Friday, July 8, 2011

A few words about Y@P

Once diagnosed, I headed for the computer, where I found solace and company in chat rooms. There I met people with this 'disease' in common with me.
But I wanted to meet people in person; local people.
The first people I met, were Leonie and Bron. (Bron has since passed on.) It was great to talk about Parkinson's with others who had it and understood.
Ross Collins invited me to his group, where I met the Brocchis, loyal Y@P friends to this day, and Liz and Mark.
I decided that I was too young to go to the local support groups.
So I started up my own.
With the support of Parkinson's Victoria, I arranged for a group of us to meet at a Richmond pub.
Y@P - Young@Park, is for Young Onset who also are not ready for local, older groups. We have guest speakers. Our issues differ; many still work and have kids at home.
The group has grown over the years, with about 40 turning up to our informal gatherings.

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