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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sleep; or lack of it.

And so, here i find myself at 2.45 am, writing my next entry.....
Sleep deprivation is very common amongst us 'Parkies".
For the 8 yrs that I have had this illness, insomnia has been a huge problem. I think that I mentioned that it was a big reason that I retired from teaching early. For 8 years, I have lived on an average of 4 hours a night.
I often comment to Yon, who as I write is sleeping peacefully, that it is just as well that I have a good nature; I could be a real bitch with the amount (or lack of) sleep I get!
This lack of sleep has led me to meeting many international fellow Parkies over the years. There are various chat rooms where one may safely meet these people, and I have built up a large list on Yahoo.
After 8 years, I had enough. I was conking out at 3pm, and need a powernap.
So late last year, my neurologist referred me to a 'Movement Disorder' Psychologist.
I have, for years, refused sleeping tablets, as I figure I swallow enough pills as it is, and I was afraid of addiction.
Finally, I am on a small dose of Serrequel, which is used in bigger doses for depression or schizophrenia.
It was explained that the medication I take for the lack of dopomine, makes my brain overactive.
So now I take my pill, get about 6 to 8 hours, (am usually up at 6am when alarm goes off). The off side is vivid stupid dreams. But usually I stay in bed when I wake, (often hourly), and I no longer need that power nap.
The upside is that my Scrabble, literati and backgammon skills have improved greatly.
Sleep deprivation is very common amongst us Parkies.
... back to bed..... I have a wedding tonight...


  1. Sleepless at night and sleepy at inopportune times is one of my favorite (NOT) things about PD. At least there are games to play when there are miles to go before we sleep!

  2. But it's because I am awake at 4 and 5 in the morning that I got to meet you and several other Aussie's on a parkinsons chatroom.

  3. before i was dx with pd,i had sleep problems....i thought it was because my mind was on overtime.thinking constantly on ways to solve the next problem.i didn't realise it was one of the roads to pd.there were many more but i will comment on them as karyn posts them