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Saturday, July 9, 2011


MRI today.
This is necessary so that the neuro can determine where the neurosurgeon will drill the 2 holes on the top of my head.
As I call my husband, John "Yon", i will refer to him as "Yon" from now on.
Yon had a meeting at the practise in Hampton Park at 8am. I had to be at Monash Medical Centre at 10.30. Both are far from here, but in the same direction.
At first Yon told me to go alone; it would not work out for him to drive all the way back to get me. I figured that was OK..I could drive there.
At midnight on Thursday night, I hopped onto Facebook. One of my oldest friends, Anita, (been friends since grade 2), was concerned about me going alone. Though she had to be in The City (opposite direction) at 9.30, she was trying to figure out how she could at least be there when I came out, and what to do with my car. I was touched.
A minute later, Ros, my neighbour and good friend, hopped on FB and also offered me a ride.
My point is, I am blessed to have such loyal and genuine friends... stories of their generosity and genuine friendship are yet to emerge, I'm sure.
As it turned out, it was my very best friend, Yon, who came through... he came back from the meeting, then backtracked to Monash.
The MRI itself? No big deal...just noisy!

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