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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I'm Back!!!

Dear Karyn,
I am on the DBS track to have it done if I pass the psyco part,  I have had PD since 2004 when I was diagnosed, I probably had it for two or more years before that and did not know it.
I found your blog through Yumabev's blog.
I am a retired electrician and am 69 years old.  I live in western Oklahoma, 14 miles from the Texas state line.
As I said earlier, I am on the possible list for DBS and I want to know all that may be of interest with the DBS, good and bad.  I am reading all of your post that are on line and I signed up for your updates by email.
THANK YOU for keeping this blog going it has helped me a whole lot.
Even with the bad things that have happened to you and Yumabev, I think it will help me a lot.
Again I want to thank you,

WOW! I can't believe that my last blog was on December 2012! How time flies. It has taken Mike's email to shake me out of retirement.
And now that I'm here again, I see through my "Feejit" tool, that in the past 5 days, there have been about 50 visits from the following places.... Australia, America, Columbia, San Paulo, The UK, Spain,  Italy, Brazil, Hungry, Portugal, Bangkok, Norway, Rio De Janeiro, Bali, Venezuela, Buenos Aires, Oslo, India, Panama, Chile and Berlin.
I am overwhelmed!
And motivated to keep blogging.
I have some ideas spinning around in my head.

Whilst I ask you to come back, (or better still use the "FOLLLOW BY EMAIL" box, to receive blogs straight in your inbox,) while I finalise what I want to write, I'll leave you for now with an article that was written about me after I received the prestigious SIR ZALMAN COWAN AWARD in November 2014.

So come back soon to read about
*Travel & DBS (an update)
*Mode A and Mode B
*Parkinson Warriors
*How to start up a Support Group in your area.

See you all soon!

Karyn Spilberg
PS Mike, What bad? Mostly been good!!!