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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy New Year

Last week was a very stressful week, and PD and stress do not mix well.
Usually I am NOT a stressed out person.
But the Jewish New Year is enough to stress ANYONE out. Sort of like cooking a Christmas dinner, but a different menu.
The family comes over, the house must be tidy, a special meal must be cooked.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, Yon and I have a very small family; 10 were expected, with a niece in Israel, and we ended up with 11 with a last minute guest. Not huge at all, but still, 11 or 51, a meal must be cooked.
With all 3 males at work on Wednesday, I was left with the job of doing EVERYTHING.
I had bought all the food, and chosen my menu, (exclusively from The Yavneh Cookbook), so that I didn't need to run out to buy anything on the day.
But just looking at the unmade food made me worry about how to turn it into a special meal.
I made the soup and an entree on Tuesday.
But by Wed morning, I was in a bit of a panic.
To top it off, a cold snap made it unpleasant to go outdoors.
No one had thought of buying me Challas (bread), so out I trooped to get them.
I was in quite a tizz when my South African friend and neighbour, Ros, dropped by with an amazing cake.
That did it; I lost it completely.... Ros had 24 people at her house, and she baked ME a cake!
Needless to say, that afternoon my other niece, Bianca, came to help me, and by 4pm all was done, but still, I sometimes wonder if my husband and sons forget that I am just 8 weeks out of surgery.
When I show signs of not coping, or snap, my husband says that my personality has changed.
Perhaps the surgeon should have programmed me to be a Steppford Wife?