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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy New Year

Last week was a very stressful week, and PD and stress do not mix well.
Usually I am NOT a stressed out person.
But the Jewish New Year is enough to stress ANYONE out. Sort of like cooking a Christmas dinner, but a different menu.
The family comes over, the house must be tidy, a special meal must be cooked.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, Yon and I have a very small family; 10 were expected, with a niece in Israel, and we ended up with 11 with a last minute guest. Not huge at all, but still, 11 or 51, a meal must be cooked.
With all 3 males at work on Wednesday, I was left with the job of doing EVERYTHING.
I had bought all the food, and chosen my menu, (exclusively from The Yavneh Cookbook), so that I didn't need to run out to buy anything on the day.
But just looking at the unmade food made me worry about how to turn it into a special meal.
I made the soup and an entree on Tuesday.
But by Wed morning, I was in a bit of a panic.
To top it off, a cold snap made it unpleasant to go outdoors.
No one had thought of buying me Challas (bread), so out I trooped to get them.
I was in quite a tizz when my South African friend and neighbour, Ros, dropped by with an amazing cake.
That did it; I lost it completely.... Ros had 24 people at her house, and she baked ME a cake!
Needless to say, that afternoon my other niece, Bianca, came to help me, and by 4pm all was done, but still, I sometimes wonder if my husband and sons forget that I am just 8 weeks out of surgery.
When I show signs of not coping, or snap, my husband says that my personality has changed.
Perhaps the surgeon should have programmed me to be a Steppford Wife?


  1. Well done Karyn,

    Even those of us who not had undergone recent neurosurgery (or any surgery) would cope badly under such circumstances!

    The weather last week was just too much... No way would I have gone out in that weather to but ANY ingredient for any special meal under those circumstances, and men are just hopeless a lot of the time anyway .... they certainly don't understand the intricacies of preparing such a special meal!

  2. Thankyou Karyn

    Please keep sending them as they help me learn about PD and DBS as well

    I meet a man from my support group for the first time last week and he had DBS six weeks ago . His wife was with him and on the first day home she said that he was like before PD the next he was not that good.

    He looked very good to me last week

    I hope you keep going well
    and all the Best


  3. karyn....keep up the good work...your blog is both informative and entertaining

  4. karyn

    Happy New Year!

    i keep reading this entry over and over. it has a different tone from anything you've written before.

    you've always seen the sunny side of everything for as long as we've been corresponding. Yes! you are only 8 weeks post surgery! i would have announced a looooong time ago that mama wasn't going to be making new year's dinner this time! but not karyn. she has brain surgery then walks miles for charity and cooks a holiday meal. you really push yourself too hard, and maybe finally you are overwhelmed a bit.

    it's going to take months to get fully adjusted and adapted to your new situation. maybe yon is right, maybe you are having personality changes. but i'll need to see more evidence than this.

    i think you need time to recover and time to rest.

    hope to talk to you soon.

    David, from Miami