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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Three Months On

So.... how am I doing 3 months on?
Pretty well.
I have cut down my meds to practically nothing....
From Stalvo                           4 times a day
         Medapar (Sinnemet) 1/4 4 times a day
         Sifrol  (Mirapex)            1ce a day
         Symmeryl                      1ce a day
         Serrequel                  1/2 at night

To    1/2 strengh Stalevo         3 times a day.  

That's it.

I just gave up the Serrequel a few nights ago.
I took it for sleeping, but though I got my 8 hours, it gave me horrible vivid dreams and made me grind my teeth really badly.
So though I am writing this at 5am, I am happier having given it up.

I have decreased my visits to my neurologist from 2 weekly to 2 monthly; we feel we are almost there with the fine tuning.

I have no freezing any more, no toe curling and no dyskenesias, (involuntary movements.)

My hair is growing back.
So overall, all is good.

The weather is hotting up. STILL not on my bike yet; mainly because I have noone to ride with, but I hope to be on soon, and will blog then.



  1. I am so glad you are doing well, as for riding a bike, I couldn't do that before PD! lol

  2. Congradulations Karyn,it's good to hear you are functioning so well...God bless

  3. Karyn,

    Ric Webster here. This post has really made my day/week/year. I'm quite encouraged by the results you've seen, and I'm happy that you have found real healing - FINALLY. If my surgery goes as well as yours I'm going to run my wife Jennifer into the ground with outdoor activities. Here's to a new life and that it sticks around.