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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Back on the Bike

The Story So Far....
For those who don't know my biking history... I had not been on a bike for some years, when I was approached by Parkinson's Victoria to take part in The Vietnam Challenge; a fundraiser that took place in Vietnam. Details can be viewed at
With Brendan and Fred; we were the only riders with PD in the group.
Anyway, my friend Ingrid took on the role of training me, and we have been riding for 3 years, right through the year, every Wednesday, summer, winter. Until this year. I started to lose my confidence, slowing down, turning back, and then Ingrid injured her groin, making riding impossible for her. So I had not been on a bike since before Easter. (7 months).
The Story Now...
So, post DBS, with Spring weather tempting me, I have been wanting to ride again. But not sure how I'd go.... and with my mentor still out of action, have been asking various past riding partners to come with me. Though I have had several offers, nothing has eventuated. 2 weeks ago, Yon (hubby) accompanied me, but weather forced us to abandon and have brunch instead.
Sick and tired of excuses (I know people are busy), I decided to go out alone for the first time. The day was perfect, and I'd missed too many of them already.
I was apprehensive; not sure how I'd be, so decided to go to St Kilda Beach,where there is a straight stretch of about 3 km to Port Melbourne.
I hitched the bike to the car, was ready to go, when my son Ronnie emerged also decked out in riding gear. Ronnie has become a serious rider, and is training for marathons. His intention was to ride to Franston and back; an 80km round trip on the road along the beach in the opposite direction.
When he heard that I was going out alone, Ronnie insisted on abandoning his plan and accompanying me.
We rode to Port Melbourne and back. (about 6km total).
How was it? Like getting back on a bike! i was fine. Need to fitten up, but fine.
I now look forward to my 35km round trips to The City from Brighton.
Anyone want to join me?


  1. wa to go karyn...excersize is good for all us who have pd

  2. I am available, have bike, can catch train,

    What time would you like to start