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Monday, July 11, 2011

Wigging it

In order to drill the 2 holes in my head, during DBS, my entire head will be shaven.
Today I went with my friend Haya to look for a wig.
Haya wears wigs all the time, so I chose her to accompany me into The City. She generously gave me one of her precious days off during the school holidays; another of my special friends.
As you know, my hair is very curly, and sort of my trade mark, so I was hoping for a curly wig. But curly wigs are hard to come by.
Diane, my neighbour and wig fitter, took one look at my curls, and said, "time for a change." I knew then that I would be walking out with straight hair.
We started short, and ended up long. The short ones made me look older. The long ones younger. I also wanted a long one to hide any sign of the leads that may show through my neck.
Finally we found one I liked. I was just about to have the fringe cut out of my eyes, when Diane shouted, "what about this one?" She produced a slightly darker and longer wig than the last one, and that was it.
Haya and I could not get over how much I look like my sister, (also named Diane).
Afterward I went to Ripponlea to do some food shopping, and felt at home with the shaiteled women there.
I sent Yon this photo; his answer?
"What a spunk. Don't tell my wife that we slept together."
Thanks Yon, but I know you prefer me with curly hair.
But straight hair is better than no hair.....


  1. OMG... i thought it was Dianne too:) You look fantastic!!!
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and i will follow beside you as you undergo this surgery.
    xox Cyd

  2. You look great with straight hair and soooo.. different. I'd never recognize you without the curls.

  3. You can straighten the curl but can never take the inner curl from the girl. Love the blog. Thinking of you. Susie