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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Freezing in the Supermarket

Though it is winter here, and pretty cold, the title is not eluding to the weather.
People living with Parkinson's can freeze up, and not move.
One of my most annoying symptoms, is the curling of my toes.
When that happens, I literally don't have a leg to stand on! I have only my big toe for support, and one cannot walk on that. I liken it to walking on your knuckles.
Yesterday, I decided that I needed to go to the butcher, and to the supermarket. Nothing unusual about that. This is an normal task for normal people....
I drove to Glenferrie Rd, parked the car and made my purchase at the butcher.
I knew I was 'off', but was able to do that OK. (By 'off', I mean my meds are no longer effective).
Suddenly, the task of getting in the car, driving 500 metres to Malvern Central, shopping there and getting back to my car, overwhelmed me. I decided to head home.
But I didn't have all the ingredients for dinner... so I decided to stop into my local, smaller Safeway.
I grabbed a trolley for support, as well as use, and felt the freezing creep in. My shoulders froze, giving me a hunched look. My toes curled, I could barely walk, my mouth curled. I felt 100 years old.
I rang my son, whom I knew was home... no answer.
There was no way I could drive home like this.
Then, as luck would have it, I bumped into Jan, who lives 2 streets from me. She immediately offered for her son Ashley to drive me home.
I limped around, picking up essentials for dinner, then Ashley drove me home in my car.
The generosity of people I know continues to humble me.
30 minutes later I was fine; freezing had passed, and I was able to make dinner.


  1. i used to worlk in supermarkets..i know how cold they can get

  2. You know Karyn... we take so much for granted... its very humbling to read your words here. i hope this surgery affords you freedom from what must be a horrible thing.