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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Three Days Leading Up To The DeepBrain Stimulation or DBS.

It's now Wednesday night, and Friday is coming around fast. Yesterday and today have been spent doing things like paperwork and attending appointments. (dentist, podiatrist...). And of course catching up with friends.
Yesterday I had a very short haircut, as recommended by my neurologist.
No sooner had I cut all my curls off, when my mobile went off... It was Darren, who is doing PR for the upcoming Unity Walk.
He had asked for my permission for The George Negus Show to film my DBS operation. For those international readers, George Negus is a respected reporter who has a Current Affairs show on at 6.30pm, straight after The News. George was one of Australia's original "60 Minute" reporters. As the doctors would not allow my husband in the theatre, I predicted they would say "no" to having a TV crew in there. But both the neurologist and the surgeon said "yes". I spent a while contemplating if I really wanted my brain exposed to national Australia. Yon's main concerns were for me; we don't want the surgeon distracted... Judith from Parkinson's Victoria was very keen, and I suppose that's what swayed me. As an ambassador for PV, my aim has always been to promote awareness of Parkinson's; from travelling to overseas Conferences, to giving talks at various venues, to forming Y@P, to riding a bicycle around Vietnam. Now I was being given a chance to promote the Walk on Prime Time Television. I have a story to tell which some people find interesting. But at the end of the day its about the Walk, not me.
Tomorrow is a big day; The DBS surgery. Some interviews with the show, and admission to hospital.
Yon is sleeping nearby to the hospital on Friday night, and will be joined by my boys for Shabbat dinner, so I have to buy food for them.
My head is spinning with things I still have to do.
But I won't leave you here.
This blog will continue until The Walk.
Stay tuned for details of how the actual DBS procedure went, my emotions during and after, switching on the device, and ultimately measuring the success.
Thanks for all the well wishes, I'll be back soon... keep checking.

PS How do i feel now, 2 days before?
Unusually calm....

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  1. karyn...this is post surgery...glad it was a success....