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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Feeling Better

If there is any one out there still reading my blog, 3 weeks on I am feeling much better.
I had my voltage turned down to .6, and am taking over 50% less medication than before.
Tomorrow is The Unity Walk, and I have about 90 people and 16 dogs registered in my team, Karyn's Crowd.
Photos will be up shortly after The Walk, so come back and look.


  1. We are still following your journey Karyn. Good luck with the walk!
    From experience, even though you have had this life changing surgery, you will still have your good days as well as some bad.
    Don't overdo things - take it easy, and take each day as it comes without any expectations.

    Love and wishing you well - Linda and Paul

  2. as of this comment ...your walk is over,...hope everything went well