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Monday, August 29, 2011

The 2011 Unity Walk.

And what a day it was!
By Thursday night, over 80 people and dogs were registered under my team, Karyn's Crowd. With many more registering on the day, our numbers swelled to about 100.

We were identifiable by our backs.
Even though The walk started at 11am, I had asked everyone to be there at 10.15am, which was fortunate, because at about 10.20am, I was called up on stage to be interviewd by Derek or Scott (sorry not sure which), to talk about Y@P-Young@Park, the Young Onset group that I established in about 2005.

I brought my beautifully behaved dog, Molly on stage with me. We were beamed on the big screen throughout Federation Square. 

Then Chanel 7 wanted to interview me about my DBS experience, for the 6pm news. This turned out to be to our team's advantage, because Channel 10 wanted a shot of Parkinson Victoria's CEO, Anne Burgess, and me breaking through the ribbon, so my team was led to the start of the queue of about 2,500 people.

Melbourne was looking beautiful in the late autumn sun.

The actual walk was 4km around the Yarra River.
The yellow tshirts we all wore, were a sea of colour, 
After the walk we tried to have a group photo. Unfortunately we left out some people who's dogs slowed them down, and some who had to leave. But you can get the idea of the numbers in our group.
And how did I manage on the day?
My friends commented on how still I was on stage; no dyskenesia.
I had no trouble walking the 4km; I was not afraid of freezing.
The 'fog' around my eyes had lifted, and I felt great.
Really, who wouldn't, with so many friends and family around me?
I am truly a lucky woman.

Yon, Molly and me
I'll leave you with some shots of family and friends.

My son boosted the team by bringing 15 mates

Friends since school days
My sister untangles Molly and Sacha
Lynda and her beautiful puppy, Billie

Tired at the end
I have raised over $1,200.00. Thanks to all those who donated; especially the anonymous 
ones who I can't thank personally!

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  1. karyn...nice pics...there were so many.i haven't had a chance to look at them all but i entend to.the walk seememed to be very are blessed,