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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Day Before The DBS Surgery

I awoke with a thousand things on my mind. Did I pay that bill? I haven't packed yet, and of course, Is my house tidy?
The George Negus Show had arranged a 'mock interview' at Associate Professor Williams room at noon, and were coming here to my house after to shoot as well.
Though I know many of you are rolling your eyes, thinking, "does she need this added stress", it actually was a good distraction.
My youngest son, Ronnie, dropped me near The Alfred Hospital, and I was greeted by Emily, the reporter, and John, the camera man. A/Proff Williams had the afternoon off to do submissions or some other paper work, so we did not feel rushed. Cross at myself for hastily cutting my hair so short, I wore my straight wig. I least I will be incognito.
We went through lots of questions; about the DBS procedure, how I felt etc, and I must admit some of my questions were answered; I learnt a new thing or two about DBS.
Then back to my hose for a few more questions over a cup of Peach tea, (thanks, Belinda and Binx), and it was almost 3 o'clock; admission time.
Ronnie dropped me off at Jessie Mac Private Hospital, in Monash Medical Centre, where I went for a blood test and was checked into my room.
Nothing much happened for the rest of the day. Yon came after work, Yvonne R visited, I went to bed early, ready for The Big Day.

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  1. keeping up with my first comment on your blogit sounds as if you had your ducks in a row..good for're very organised...a good quality,,,