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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Week after DBS; Staples Out

Well, it's a week since DBS, and I'm feeling pretty good.
Today I get my staples out of my head.
Just before the halo was removed, Mr Danks stapled my head back in place.
I tried counting, but lost count. "How many was that?" I asked. "Too many for me to count." was the answer.

I didn't realise that my head was going to be sliced open and peeled back, thus needing to be put back in place.
I was told to go to my local Gp, so Dr Yiap had the honour of removing them. Lucky her! I was given a special device to pluck them out. I took 2 panadol half an hour before, just in case it hurt.
But it was ok. And the count? 44 in total; 13 around the left ear, and 33 over the top of the head.
It still looks like they are there, but my hair is growing.
If I go out I must wear a scarf, hat or wig, as it's cold outside (winter here), and I look like The Bride of Frankenstein!



  2. My surgeon made 2 parallel cuts front to back, and used 18 staples. He had to open the same cuts 2 weeks later when I had the surgery to have the battery put in my chest.

    I don't have any pictures of myself with the staples in. I surprised myself when my 'team' was suggesting that I have another DBS put in, my first thought was, "Good, maybe I can get someone to take pictures this time." Then I remembered what a pain (literally) the surgeries were.

  3. I had DBS surgery the last day of November; tomorrow I will have the battery placed and hooked up. I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The DBS Surgery was my worst nightmare come true,an entire night of pain out of control and the worst ICU Nurse ever. I am quite nervous about tomorrow but I have come this far and it won't work without the battery. I truly thought I was seeing someone else's hand during Surgery; I can't ever remember seeing my hand so still. But I have no idea how I will convince myself to do the other side....