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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Travelling with DBS

Greetings from Tasmania.

Tasmania is the small island at the very bottom of Australia's mainland. (left)
 It is magnified on the right.

We put our car on a ship and sailed overnight. Other option; a 50 minute flight from Melbourne, and hire a car.

Since being diagnosed with Parkinson's, I have travelled extensively overseas. I now see this as a phase. I certainly don't mean that I won't do it again, but not annually. There's still a lot of our beautiful country to explore, and whilst places like Thailand may be cheaper, Australia is easier.
Earlier on, I showed all the equipment needed to recharge my battery. (The Paraphernalia,
August 2011). The end result is lugging a 4kg bag around, which is fine when filling one's car for a driving holiday, but a pain when flying. Also, one must remember to recharge every 2 to 3 weeks. Why did I choose this over the non rechargeable option? Because I only have to replace the battery, which requires surgery, every 7 -9 years, as opposed to every 3 years. A tip for recharging; sitting up in the car whilst a passenger on a long ride proved much more effective than recharging whilst watching a movie at home.
Medtronics, (the supplier), gave me a card so that I don't have to go through airport security detectors; a body search instead. That's something else to look forward to...not.

But here I am in Tasmania, the first time in 32 years, since my honeymoon. And how Hobart has changed... The Wrestpoint Casino, the main attraction in 1980, is now a mere building in the distance, fading behind the Battery Point wharf area, with its Salamanca Market, restaurants and the City at it's doorstep.
MONA Gallery

The MONA Gallery (Museum of Old and New Art) is a must. Though not to my taste, (too modern), one must appreciate David Walsh's design of the building, (one feels like they are inside a pyramid), and his rather confronting art. (Is a "POO machine really art?)

Tasmanian Devil
Then there's Tasmania's beautiful countryside and wildlife; the real reason we came here.
We have driven right around the Island, seeing some lovely scenery.
I've lived in Australia all my life,but until yesterday, I had never seen a platypus in the wild. Also first sighting for me of a Tasmanian a sanctuary. The only ones I saw 'in the wild' were squashed on the road...

Cradle  Mountain
Yesterday presented my biggest physical challenge.
We are at Cradle Mountain, and walked around Dove Lake.
This 6km usually takes about 2 hours, but with my hesitant steps, and Yon stopping every 15 steps to look at a bird through his binoculars or take a photo, it took us 3 and a half hours. But I made it! Tip; Hiking Sticks helped...makes going up and down uneven surfaces, feel like you are holding onto a banister.
And The views were worth it.


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