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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weight and DBS.

OK, I'm going all out now. You've seen me at my most vulnerable; bald, stapled, dyskenesic. Now you can see me fat!



Above are 2 photos taken 2 years apart; as a teacher, we had them taken annually.
I have mentioned that my mother was a diabetic; she died aged 58 of complications from diabetes. As I entered my 40s, I began to resemble her more, so I decided to lose weight.
Ironically, I ended up avoiding diabetes, but inherited my father's disease; Parkinson's.

I was diagnosed in 2002, so on the one hand, felt great about myself, whilst on the other hand had this baffling disease to digest. I had lost 'a person' in weight by eating less and walking. For the next 9 years I managed to keep a respectable level of weight, mainly through my secret exercise regime, which I will share with you now; my involuntary movements!
These having stopped, along with my walking being difficult, and my bike riding stopping, have resulted in putting on about 4 kg in 7 months, which, my neurologist assures me, is quite normal.
Great! Normal, but not nice.
My plan?
I have already committed myself to Pilates. I still try to ride once a week with Ingrid. I walk Molly 2ce a week with Yon. And...yeah, off the junk food.
Hah! WE will see what the future brings. I hope to be back in my Levi's by this year's Unity Walk. (August).
3 weeks after DBS August 2011
Feb 2012

August 2012
4kg is A LOT to lose!!!!


  1. You are one of my Favorite Aussies, so put on some old Bee Gees disco songs (my Favorite musical Aussies) and shuffle around to the beat. Good Luck and you still look fantastic!

  2. you're very strong willed will do it....

  3. I find it amazing that all the PD literature I read says that we are likely to LOSE weight due to PD. I didn't find that to be the case at all.

    Walking and swimming "with" you on the other side of the world (o: