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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feeling Fine in Feb

After my negative post 2 weeks ago, I would like to balance it with a more positive one.
In my "Not Happy (in) Jan" post, I mentioned that I was not able to dance at my friend Lynda's son's wedding. Well guess what? Lynda has 3 sons (& a daughter), and her second son was married 2 weeks later, giving me a second chance to dance at one of her son's weddings. (the reason they were so close together was to allow overseas guests to attend both.)
I am feeling much better. What's changed? I went to my neuro, who not only 'turned me up', he also put me back on one of my old medications; Slow release Sifrol.(low dose Mirapex).
I had been feeling under medicated, and felt that going off all my meds except for Stalevo, may have been a bit ambitious.
It rained cats and dogs during the Chupa (service), soaking the newlyweds, who along with their families, took it all with the good humour that they are legendary for.

The wedding was lovely; and I'm able to report that I was able to dance MOST of the night away. I gave up just before midnight; but hey! I wasn't the only one!

A test of my stamina comes now. I am in Tasmania for 2 weeks. For those international followers, here's some homework; google a map of Australia and look WAY downunder!
It's notorious for it's beautiful walks, so stay tuned to hear how that's going.


  1. That's great news Karyn. Thanks Stephanie

  2. karyn...good to hear you're almost to your old sef again