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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Most people don't realise that the monitoring device (NOT the one implanted), have at least 2 modes.
This enables the programmer (in my case my neurologist), to plan 2 separate programs, targeting different parts of the brain.
Everything was going quite well, when I visited my neurologist one Friday last year.
However, when I mentioned that my walking was not too great, he decided to change my settings to see how I went. I was told that if it was no good, I could always change back.
The effects of programming are immediate. I felt a bit funny when I left his rooms, but thought that it would settle down. Somehow i managed to drive home.
Saturday was a quiet day, and i felt a little strange.
But it was on Sunday, that I fell apart.
I was scheduled to go to my local Young@Park meeting. I usually go with my husband, but he was at work, so planned to go alone. It was on the other side of the City.
I dressed, but was suddenly aware that I was kidding myself; I could barely move, my speech was slurred,  and I felt terrible.

I lay down, and started to look through the 4 books that I received as manuals.
I find them very confusing, and  was in no mood to sift for information.
Meanwhile my sister-in-law and niece dropped by to visit.
I knew that I needed to change back to MODE B, but couldn't read the symbol displayed on the device. We were trying to find the corresponding picture in one of the manuals. We eventually decided that I needed new batteries for the device... I couldn't change back till that was done.
Naturally we had lots of AA batteries in our house, but needed AAA..... A neighbour brought some round.
By then I was in pretty bad shape.... stressed out, and feeling terrible. I was in no shape to do anything. With my visitors feeling rather useless, and staring at me, trying to find the right chapter in the manual, I finally managed to change back; a procedure that would normally take a second, but took me over an hour.
The result was instantaneous; I was back to where I was when I stepped into my neurologist's room on Friday.
At my next visit to my neurologist some months later, I related the story. 
He suggested that it may be worth to try again, but on a lower setting. 
I declined!
I'm staying where I am now!